Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bargain #1 : SKII items - all SOLD

item #1 -- a set of Facial Lift Emulsion 100g (50%) + Facial Treatment Oil 250mls (75%) + Facial Treatment Essence 215mls (30%)

all these for RM200 (or RM80 for FLE, RM110 for FTCO, RM30 for FTE)

item #2 -- Whitening Source Dermdefinition 30mls (30%) + Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel 15g + 2 Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 40mls + Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil 11mls + Whitening Source 4.7mls

all these for RM90

item #3 -- Facial Treatment Repair C 15mls (95%)


item #4 -- Signs Up-Lifter 40g (50%)

RM 150

item #5 -- Skin Refining Treatment 50g (95%)


item # 6 -- Whitening Source Dermdefinition 50mls


Please visit for more info on the above items. prices are NEGOTIABLE so do not hesitate to ask! *smile*


deloress said...

if org UK nak beli boleh ke ? :)

(u know what.. i used clarins before.. it's really good.. tp now i saje nak try skII.. got a few skII items posted from home .. belum start gune religiously lagi.. ade a good / bad review gak ek.. but takpe.. i nak test je dulu mcmane..kalau tak 'mulus' kulit ku ala cate blanchet gak.. haha.. have to go back to clarins la nampaknye )

lady of leisure said...

hi del :)
if you're really interested, of course boleh!! lagi senang nak post etc. would you email me at, and let me know which ones you're interested in ok?
thanks, babe!

periwinkle said...

salam...nak tanye akak, available lagi ke produk2 skII akak ni? cam interested ngan FLE tu...
email saya

S.u.F.e.E said...


lambat la jumpa this blog, I really love to try SKII... :(

is any of that product available?

KnE said...

hi there,
owh i would like to try Facial Essence treatment. I tried clarins before and not suit with my skin. If the FET still available please kindly tell me. thanks

LadyofLeisure said...

hi KnE :)
am SO sorry but none of these are available anymore. i guess i better labeled it sold. my apology. you can try
cheers :)