Friday, July 31, 2009

Chloe Paddington Plexi : available

i have been thinking about letting go my Chloe Paddington Plexi in White Sheepskin for a while now. of course, i LOVE all my bags but i barely use this particular one and it will be the first bag i'm thinking of letting go. being frugal aside, i am not using it as much as the others maybe because it is white and i am too careful in case i ruin it. i have only used this bag 4 times -- very carefully carried, mind you.

it is very spacious, the supple leather is TDF and it comes with the usual accesories : the Chloe padlock, leather string with mock key and of course, Chloe Dust bag. I still have the original tag but not sure if I have the receipt though. i bought this in August 2008 and the bag is still very new and when it is not in used i store it safely in its designated dust bag.

pic credit :

i haven't got the chance yet to snap the pic of the actual bag however it is similar to the above. it is slouchy but not as slouchy as typical nappa leather. i would like to sell this for EURO800 equivalent to RM4000 -- however i am willing to reasonably negotiate the price. The original retail price was EURO1350 which would be approximately RM6750 and yes, i do have the original tag from Brown Thomas but unfortunately not the receipt.

i will take the pics of the actual bag upon request and do ask me questions if you are interested. the reason why i am thinking of letting go: i really do love this arm-candy to bits but it is the bag that I most rarely used -- like i said 4 times only in the last 12 months -- and i am truly ready to part ways. i genuinely hope there is a bag-lover out there who will look after this beauty and put it to the best use.